Safety Plan 3: If You Have Left An Abusive Relationship

If you HAVE LEFT an abusive and violent relationship and are now living elsewhere or have had the violent person removed from the house, you may still be at risk of continuing violence. Going through the following can help to reduce this risk:

  • Apply for a safety or barring order under the Domestic Violence Act. (D12 DVS, Women’s Aid or your local refuge can advise you about this.)
  • Bring any orders to your local Gardai station.
  • Teach the children to call the Gardai or a trusted family member, friend or neighbour who can come to your address quickly in a situation of danger.
  • Change locks on doors and windows.
  • If possible install a better security system – for example put locks on windows and or bars, have good lighting and an outside security light, a fire extinguisher and a safety chain on doors.
  • Talk to the children’s school/crèche and child minders about who has permission to pick up the children and think of other provisions to protect the children.
  • Link into support services for yourself and to help you explore issues of custody/access etc. in ways that will protect you and the children.
  • Withhold your phone number – call blocking – if calling your partner or anyone who might pass the number on.
  • If you need to meet your partner, arrange to meet in a neutral safe place for you.

Remember you are at the greatest risk in the weeks following separation/leaving.

(Adapted from Women’s Aid Handout 2001)